Video Photo Albums are a popular way for sharing the story of before your wedding day with your guests. You can play them on monitors during the cocktail hour, project them after the dinner hour, or play them as a prelude to your dramatic entry at the reception. All you have to do is gather together your favorite pictures of your families, and your friends, put them in order, and pick out a favorite song or two. We'll take care of the rest.

30 Pictures with 2 Titles - $49.95
Each Picture after, $.65 each

65 Pictures - $72.70
85 Pictures - $85.70
110 Pictures - $101.95
150 Pictures - $127.95

How to Create Your Personalized Photo Montage

The first thing to consider is who the video is for and what is the occasion? The answers to these questions will help determine the type and number of photos that go into the video.

It is a good idea to group the photos into "sections"; that is, the different parts of the honorees life. Most videos begin with the earliest photos available - a "growing up" section. This is, quite simply, pictures of the person from infant through to young adult. In the case of a video for a wedding or anniversary there would be a section for both him and her. Examples of sections that might follow would be "Dating", "Family", "Friends", "Children", "Grandchildren", "Pets & Hobbies" and "Together". The number of photos is up to you.

When you've arranged the pictures in their sections put the photos in the order you want, usually chronological (youngest to oldest). Number each picture but please be careful - do not use ink! No pens, no markers, no felt tips - nothing that will ruin the next picture when you start stacking. The best and safest method is pencil and Post-It notes. Write the number on the Post-It note and attach it to the back of the photo.

When you're done with each section, place it in a folder or envelope and name and number them as well. Examples 1) Bride Growing Up, 2) Groom Growing Up, 3) Dating, 4) Family, and so on. It's easy once you start.

While you are going through the photos you should be thinking about what would be the perfect music playing in the background. Try to keep the songs in the proper era. For example, if you are showing Dad in his Army days of 1945 using some Big Band music would be appropriate. With photos from the 1950's it's hard to beat Sinatra.

When you know what music you want, you need to provide either the CD or cassette tape so that we can add the music to the soundtrack. CDs are preferable because of their high quality. By the way, the music and photographs that you provide are all returned in the same condition as they are received.

Now, on the folder or envelope of each section, write the music selection that you want. Don't worry about song lengths - that's our job to ensure everything come out just right.

Finally bundle your photographs and music and send it to us. Please use lots of packing, avoid sending photos still in a picture frame and if there is a photo or photos that cannot be replaced take it to your local photo shop to have copied before sending it off. The cost is minimal when you consider your own peace of mind. If you are not certain about packing your photos, go to a place like Mail Boxes, etc. and for a small charge they will make sure your package gets here in one piece. Give us a call or send us an e-mail when you've sent your package so we will know it's on the way.

You should get us everything we need to produce your video at least 4 weeks before the finished product is needed. Special arrangements can be made for shorter notice "rush jobs" but there is an additional charge. We like to get the video to you in good time in case any changes need to be made.

If you have any questions on pricing or need help of any kind, please feel free to CONTACT US.

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